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December 22, 2016
Khan Disputes Tax Assessment Received by Dutch Subsidiary
November 10, 2016
Khan Announces Results of Special Meeting of Shareholders, Declares Distribution of CDN$0.85
September 13, 2016
Khan Announces Special Meeting of Shareholders
August 31, 2016
Khan Announces conversion of funds from US$ to C$.
August 19, 2016
Khan Files Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results
August 18, 2016
Khan Announces Status of Shareholder Distributions and Sale of Khan Resources Bermuda Ltd.
May 20, 2016
Khan Files Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results
May 18, 2016
Khan Announces Completion of Documentation for Settlement Payment
May 16, 2016
Khan Announces Status of Settlement Payment
March 16, 2016
Khan Provides Update on Settlement of its Dispute with the Government of Mongolia
March 7, 2016
Khan Announces Settlement and Terms of Payment of Arbitration Award
March 6, 2016
Khan Announces Settlement of International Arbitration Award
February 11, 2016
Khan Files First Quarter 2016 Financial Results

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